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Research Methods
and Statistics

This site is designed to provide information, demonstrations, links and quizzes associated with the statistics and statistical methods for research design and analysis. WebStat is specifically designed with the statistical issues that Psychology students encounter.

Those who are studying Psychology/Enquiry in the Social Sciences (PESS) 202 will find the course notes available here on the web site as well as within your UNE Online WebCT unit (which, as usual, will require your password).

Those of you just interested in reading the material are also welcome to browse through it.

There are a number of tutorials on the field available which might be useful in describing or illustrating the concepts in a different manner to the course materials. And to assist with tutorials and the course work there are some statistical tools, mostly online applets, which you may find helpful.

We have also provided a few web site links which you may find useful either within the course or in your wider involvement with the field. These include some pointers to where you might find employment within the field.


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