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A Collection of Site Related to Statistics and Psychology

Statistics Courses at offered at UNE:

University of New England School of Mathematics

University of New England School of Psychology

LookSmart Top 10 Math Statistics Sites

Allstat Mailing List
UK-based worldwide email discussion forum for the statistical community, operated by CTI Statistics.
American Statistical Association
Scientific and educational society with 19,000 members which aims to foster excellence in the application of statistics.
Bartlett Correction
Papers, references and links to other resources dealing with Bartlett corrections and their extensions
Basic Principles
Covers topics ranging from simple linear models to the choice of inference space used mixed model analysis.
Briefbook of Data Analysis
Condensed handbook covering subjects in statistics, computing, analysis, and related fields.
Chance Database
Materials designed help teach a Chance course or a more standard introductory probability or statistics course.
Electronic Journal of Probability and Electronic Communications in Probability. With information for authors.
Guide to the Web for Statisticians
Archive and index of statistical science resources around the world with emphasis on Australia.
Interactive Statistics Pages
Comprehensive site contains a list of over 300 links to pages that perform statistical computations, books, and tutorials.
MCMCML Image Reconstruction
Read about the practice of satellite image reconstruction by the Monte Carlo Markov Chain Maximum Likelihood method. Includes a demo.
Probability Web
Pointers to sites, abstracts, journals and conferences for anyone interested in probability theory and its applications.
Rainer's Statistical Page
Associations, university departments, software and mailing lists, indexed by a German

Useful Statistics Links:

Pure Java Statistical data analysis on the Web
Interactive Statistical Calculation pages.
Very interactive, colorful
Distribution/Density Calculators, Plotters and RNG's.
SurfStat Statistical Tables
Newcastle University
Berrie's interactive homepage
David Howell's Homepage
Corrlation Quiz


Also contains links to other Illusion sites








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