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Chapter 7 - Analysing the Data Part IV - Analysis of Variance Chapter 1 - Behavioural Science and research Chapter 2 - Research Design Chapter 3 - Collecting the Data Chapter 4 - Analysing the Data Part I - Descriptive Statistics Chapter 5 - Analysing the Data Part II - Inferential Statistics Chapter 6 - Analysing the Data Part III - Common Statistical Tests Probability Sampling distributions Steps in hypothesis testing Type I and Type II decision errors Power Bonferroni Confidence Intervals Readings and links


Chapter 5: Analysing the Data
Part II : Inferential Statistics


Measurement Level

The importance of the measurement characteristics of your data lies in the selection of the most appropriate descriptive and inferential procedures. Parametric inference requires measurement at least at the interval level. Parametric statistics make use of means and standard deviations, and those statistics require interval or ratio measurement to be meaningful. When measurement is ordinal, the measure of centre is typically the median; and the inferential procedures for medians are nonparametric.




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