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Chapter 7 - Analysing the Data Part IV - Analysis of Variance Chapter 1 - Behavioural Science and research Chapter 2 - Research Design Chapter 3 - Collecting the Data Chapter 4 - Analysing the Data Part I - Descriptive Statistics Chapter 5 - Analysing the Data Part II - Inferential Statistics Chapter 6 - Analysing the Data Part III - Common Statistical Tests Correlation Regression T-tests Chi-squared Readings and links


Chapter 6: Analysing the Data
Part III: Common Statistical Tests


Eta-Square (eta symbol2)

A calculation in the t-test family that is analogous to r2 in correlation and regression is eta-square (eta symbol2). This number can be interpreted in exactly the same way as r2. Therefore an eta symbol2 = .367 means that 36.7% of the variability in the dependent variable can be explained or accounted for by, the independent variable. Eta-square should be routinely calculated for t-tests and ANOVA as part of the Evaluate step of the process and reported in the summary statement in Step 5.

Eta-square is probably not of much use in the single sample t-test.

It is calculated by




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