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Chapter 7 - Analysing the Data Part IV - Analysis of Variance Chapter 1 - Behavioural Science and research Chapter 2 - Research Design Chapter 3 - Collecting the Data Chapter 4 - Analysing the Data Part I - Descriptive Statistics Chapter 5 - Analysing the Data Part II - Inferential Statistics Chapter 6 - Analysing the Data Part III - Common Statistical Tests Correlation Regression T-tests Chi-squared Readings and links


Chapter 6: Analysing the Data
Part III: Common Statistical Tests



Howell describes several measures which assess the degree of relationship between the two variables in chi-square. This material is worth reading but for this unit we will not be discussing these at all. Howell also describes a correction for continuity that is sometimes used and the use of likelihood ratios. Again we will not be dealing with these issues. However, you should read Howell's discussion of assumptions.

Ray does not appear to discuss chi-square or contingency tables.




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