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Chapter 7 - Analysing the Data Part IV - Analysis of Variance Chapter 1 - Behavioural Science and research Chapter 2 - Research Design Chapter 3 - Collecting the Data Chapter 4 - Analysing the Data Part I - Descriptive Statistics Chapter 5 - Analysing the Data Part II - Inferential Statistics Chapter 6 - Analysing the Data Part III - Common Statistical Tests


Chapter 7: Analysing the Data
Part IV : Analysis of Variance


Scenario and Data Set #2
Report tasks:

  1. Display Ns, means, sds

  2. Display the complete Summary Table

  3. Comment upon the Homogeneity of variance assumption

  4. Evaluate and interpret the results of the analysis, including the results of the post hoc test.

  5. Graph the results using a bar chart.

  6. Write approx 100 words on what the analysis has revealed to you about the research question. Which processing style is closest to the way most of us read a newspaper?




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